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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Lost - Finally Watched The Final Episode

A few years ago Husband and I were really into Lost. Remember that American Drama Television series about the survivors of a plane crash landing on a dessert island?

Half way through Series four Poppy came along and for one reason and another we missed the end of the series. Maybe it was on too late or we went to bed earlier tired after having a baby, I don't know but after that we never seemed to catch up.

We somehow went on to miss series 5 and 6 too but then just before Christmas we discovered we could watch all the episodes on BT Vision. How have we not noticed this before? We have only had BT vision for a year!

Anyway, since Christmas Husband and I have really got back into it again. We have rushed to get the girls to bed each night only to settle back in front of the telly and catch up with the rest of the World. We started at Series 4 , worked our way through to series 6 and finally watched the last episodes tonight.

You would think after six long series of a programme it would all make sense at the end, so did it.......No it didn't.

I think the second to last episode was brilliant and you began to feel like you are almost there, like it was all starting to make sense and then came the last one.

Well lets just say it was a let down.

A bit of tear jerker yes but did it answer all those unanswered questions....NO, did it feel like the ending suitable for such a brilliant series...NO! In fact I have been left feeling a bit deflated, a bit let down and even more LOST than ever.

Is that what the writers wanted?

If you have never seen it before then it is definitely very good, addictive viewing. However, the ending was just not good needed something a bit more dramatic.

Sorry just had to get it off my chest.

Karen x