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Friday, 13 January 2012

Music For Toddlers - I'm Running The Group Now

Ever since Rosie was 6 weeks old we have attended a local music group called Singers and Stompers. Despite napping every morning at the same time, whenever it got to Fridays little Rosie  was wide awake and happily smiled away at everyone singing and dancing, especially her Sister.

As she grew older Rosie couldn't wait to be able to do what the older ones were doing and would grab the wooden sticks banging them together or shake the bells quite happily. Poppy has always got involved, wiggling her bum and banging the drums. It is a highlight of our week.

Just before Christmas the person who ran it told me she had got herself a job starting in January and asked if I would like to take over.  I said yes and today was my first session....scary!!

It went pretty well. luckily for me as it was the first one back so only a few people turned up. It meant a gentle break in for me really. I am going to get more organised this week though and do a few more posters advertising it and letting everyone know my contact details.

The group is quite energetic with all the children and Mums joining in with singing and dancing. Then we have a parachute which the children jump under to songs like Cheeky monkeys, Sausages sizzling in a pan etc.. Finally, it ends with a story and snack where we dish out things like raisins, apricots and bread sticks...yummy!

Today we tried something a little different. We introduced a singing sack. Basically it was a huge sack filled with toys. Each toy represented different song. The children took it in turns to pull out a toy and then we would sing the appropriate song.  It was great fun and went down well with both adults and children.

I forgot to take  photos today so have used old ones to demonstrate what they get up to.

Fingers crossed the group continues to go well and people still come.

Karen x