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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Husband Strips Off!

Husband and I get on really well and do not really argue about anything but there is one thing that we can never agree on and that is the temperature of the house.

I am always cold...honestly! Even when pregnant I never get that feeling of being too warm I read about. Husband on the other hand is always hot. As you can imagine this causes a few problems.

I love to have the heating on, can often be found snuggled up under a blanket and live in my thick ski socks.  He, on the other hand comes home moaning and to make a point strips down to his pants!

Take this picture for example, it was taken on one of those evenings. Husband had cycled home so was quite warm when he arrived. He walked into to a warm cosy house and told me it was far too hot so stripped off:

He argues that I have the house unbearably hot so he is uncomfortable. He claims if  I am cold I can pile on the layers but he cannot take any more clothes off. I on the other hand find it unbearable being cold. I put the heating on to warm the house up, I do not have it on all who is right?

The girls tend to take after him and don't feel the cold but if their skin feels cool or they are not hot then surely it cannot be too hot?

Its worse in this house because there is no thermostat so we can not keep the temperature at a happy constant..instead it is either on or off.  Maybe it will get easier when we move again.

Until then I guess we both try and compromise.

Karen x