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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Pink Lining - Gorgeous Mummy Bags and More

I am a huge fan of Pink Lining and have been very fortunate to work with them on this blog.

When I was first pregnant with Poppy I wanted a Pink Lining Yummy Mummy bag but couldn't justify the cost.  I had given up my job to move abroad with my Husband so didn't feel I could splash out on myself. Instead I brought a bag I was pretty happy with, that was a little cheaper. However, I told myself next time I would treat myself.

When I was pregnant with Rosie, the bag I had was still in such good condition I didn't bother to buy a new one, spending the money on pretty dresses for my little girl instead. However, I did treat myself to a new Mum on the Run bag:

I loved it and it was well used. Basically it was a changing mat with two large pockets for a few nappies, a packet of wipes and  a small zipped pocket at the back for your phone and some money. It was well padded and comfortable, practical and looked pretty. The only draw back on this old design was that it could not attach to the pram. It wasn't a huge problem though, I used to stick it at the bottom of the pram but the newer ones are able to do this now.

When Poppy started Nursery one day a week I treated her to a little Pink Lining Kids rucksack. It is very sweet and still used now. Perfect for when we go out and she only needs a few things:

Last year I finally got a bag for myself when I was offered the opportunity to review one. I was thrilled and it proved to be everything I thought it would. 

You can read my review here but I cannot recommend them enough. Every Mummy deserves one of these beautiful Yummy Mummy Bags!

Later in the year I helped Pink Lining promote their new range and advertise their sample sale. I was very disappointed I lived so far away so wouldn't be able to get there myself but Pink Lining kindly sent me this gorgeous wallets to cheer me up:

It was a lovely surprise and I was very grateful.

So if you yourself are pregnant or have little ones then don't forget to check them out. They have some gorgeous new new designs including twin bags and bags for when you have toddlers rather than babies.  They also have some fantastic bargains in their sale, but you need to be quick as they are going fast.

Thank you Pink Lining and I am looking forward to continuing to work with you this year.

Karen x