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Monday, 23 January 2012

My Week That Was ....

Another week has flown by and its that time to recap. Its been a bit of a mixed one really with highs and lows and quite a few toddler groups too.

For the first time ever we had a bit of a difficult week with Poppy crying when she went to Preschool. It started on Monday and carried on until Thursday when we managed to solve it. On that day, she ran into School telling her Teacher if she was good and din't cry she was going to make chocolate brownies.

On Tuesday afternoon I took the girls to a toddler group at the School, which we all enjoy. The girls get to play and do crafty things, I even get to join in too before having a coffee and chat with the other Mums! It really is lovely.

Wednesday I took Rosie to a toddler group at her Daddy's work. It was the first one since Christmas so was lovely to catch up with the other wives and their children. Especially the babies, if I wasn't pregnant already I think I would be broody again. I took this photo just before we went out and realised how grown up Rosie is looking lately:

Thursday Poppy and I enjoyed some quality Mummy/Poppy time whilst Rosie was napping. I realised that the getting upset at School thing was attention seeking behaviour so gave her lots of attention. We made chocolate brownies, played jigsaws and games and even did some sticking. I think it did her the world of good:

Friday we went to the music Group I now run.... Singers & Stompers! It was quite a good sized group and we all had fun. I hope it continues to go as well and that even more people come. In the afternoon I had a midwife appointment. It was a routine one filling out all the paperwork but now its all done, so next time I hope to be able to hear the babies heartbeat and stuff!

Saturday was a very quiet lazy day. Apart from Poppy's ballet lesson we did very little. It was just nice being a bit lazy to be honest and all being together.

Sunday we went to Torquay for the morning. It was pretty windy but quite warm so it was nice to walk along looking at the boats and we stopped for lunch at the Harvester where we finished off with this yummy pudding:

All in all (except for the Poppy thing) a pretty normal week.

Karen x