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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Separation Anxiety?

Poppy has always been a happy, confident little girl. We have never had any problems with separation anxiety and up until now she has loved her Preschool, often asking if she could go more often.

Why then over the past few days has she been hysterical when I leave?

Its horrible. I now understand how other Mums feel when their little ones start new Nurseries and schools and get upset...we have never had it before.

She starts off saying "Mummy, Mummy, Mummy" then it gets worse and she begs me not to leave, clinging on and crying. Its awful!

I have asked her what the problem is and been through obvious things like Teachers and other children, has anyone upset her? She tells me no but did tell me she doesn't want milk any more as she doesn't like it cold. Fair enough..she does like milk warmed a little so I asked  her Teacher today if she could just have water instead.  She agreed and I thought that would help...but it didn't! As I was leaving Poppy became hysterical.

I left School with tears pouring down my face, worried sick about what was wrong.  The receptionist was lovely and agreed to ring me shortly with an update on Poppy. She kindly rang about 30 minutes later telling me she was happily playing and not upset at all. This did make me feel a little better.

So what could it be?

Her teacher and I  discussed possible reasons and came up with:

  • Quite a few children have just joined the class since Christmas...there were two more yesterday and the unfamiliar faces might be unsettling her
  • The milk thing is a big thing to her
  • I am pregnant and she might be feeling a little unsettled/ craving attention

Any tips would be welcomed as I really do not know how to respond. She is only there for half a day today and I will be talking to her Teacher again.  I really hope it is nothing serious and sorts itself out soon...seeing your little one that upset is just awful and leaves you feeling helpless.

Karen x