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Monday, 30 January 2012

Pretty Little Things - Coming Home Outfit

My regular readers will know that I  am a very girly girl and love all things pretty, so when I noticed this linky at Mummy Daddy  and Me Makes Three and Dear Beautiful Boy, I just had to join in.

This is a new linky and this weeks topic is coming home outfits.  I tried really hard to find a photo of either of my girls the day they came home but they are all wrapped up in blankets. Anyway this is Poppy at 2 weeks wearing the dress I brought.

It was a gorgeous pale pink cotton one from the Disney store and has a little Eyeore on the bottom. it also has little white knickers with tiny pink spots cute. 

I loved it so much and it had such little wear that I decided to put Rosie in it too when she came home. Both my girls were Summer babies so it was perfect and I just couldn't find anything I liked as much. This is a very special dress to me and I haven't been able to give it away....luckily as baby number 3 is also going to be another Summer baby and we don't know if its another girl yet!

Looking forward to sharing lots more pretty things.

Karen x