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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sundays Are Family Days

I love Sundays!

First of all it is the only day in the week when we don't have to be up and out the door first thing. This means we can take it easy, have a little lie in and not rush to get dressed. The girls seem to enjoy as much as us.

Husband usually has Sundays off  which means we always try to do something fun together. This might mean we head off to the Zoo, go swimming, go for a walk or head off to the beach.

As a family we love getting out in the fresh air and exploring and are really lucky to have lots of lovely walks and beaches where we live.

Today we headed off to a lighthouse. The sky was bright and clear but it was a little cold. We enjoyed a bit of walk and took lots of lovely photos;

Poppy told us "seeing  a lighthouse is pretty cool but the best bit is jumping in puddles"! She has great fun splashing in all the puddles caused by huge waves crashing over the breakwater:

There was so much to look at and Rosie was really excited shouting "boat, boat" every two minutes:

So lots of fresh air, lots of fun and lots to see. We then headed home so Rosie could nap and prepare a roast dinner:

.....Yes I love Sundays!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekends too.

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Karen x