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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Best friend's birthday and mix up with the present

Its my best friends birthday today, Happy Birthday Sarah!

I have known Sarah since we were 17, so almost 18 years now.  We met at Sixth Form College and have been friends ever since.  I met my Husband around the same time, (she used to be his next door neighbour) so she has known both of us a long time.  I really value her friendship,she is more like a Sister than a friend.  Here are a few photos of us!

A few years ago on a sunny day

Sarah was my bridesmaid on the right

I was her bridesmaid on the right

She spoils the girls rotten and they love her to bits.  She is going to be a Godmother when I finally get around to getting them Christened!  This is her with Poppy on her 1st birthday.  I know I have some of her with Rosie as a baby but couldn't find them tonight.

On Poppy's 1st Birthday

I have a million pictures but many are not digital.  I gave Sarah a lovely present on her hen night of a photo album of the two of us growing up, I wish I had done one for myself too.  I really should get around to copying it!

I sent Sarah,what I thought was a lovely present.  It was a pink ribbon charm bracelet and a silver pendent  charm carrier.  Basically it allows you to fit up to three charms on it.  I thought I could buy her charms for future presents. It took ages to choose.

Charm carrier pendant

Pink silk ribbon bracelet

Anyway, it was delivered this morning first thing as arranged but unfortunately the bracelet box was empty.  So for her birthday my best friend received a tiny box with this little pendant in it, an empty bracelet box and a sweet!...nice!!  I did try to ring but they were closed today so I sent an email.  I am sure it will all be sorted as so far the company's customer service has been great, but still!!

If you get to read this I hope you had a lovely day and I am sorry about your present. 

ShowOff ShowCase

Karen x

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