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Friday, 13 May 2011

Music makes us smile!

We had a lovely day today.  We went to a toddler music group we go to every Friday.  The girls love this and Sing, dance and "play" musical instruments happily.  Today I decided to take some photos of the girls enjoying themselves.

First we played we had the welcome song and used the sticks to help us:

Rosie made me smile today.  Everybody had two sticks each to bang together but Poppy only gave Rosie one to play with.  Cheeky little Rosie wasn't happy with this so she crawled over to the box and helped herself to another one.  She then turned and gave me the cutest smile and started to clap.  Sooo cute!!

Next was the drumming.  Poppy's Favourite bit:

After lots of singing, dancing, marching and jumping it was time for a little snack and a story:

Then after the goodbye song it was time to head home.  Luckily for us it was a beautiful sunny day and we live in a very picaresque town:

How can you not feel like smiling when faced with views like this?

I love days like this.

Karen x

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