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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Reasons to be cheerful - week 18

Thanks again to Mummy from the heart for getting us all to record reasons we are cheerful.  It always makes me smile when I write them down!

So this weeks reasons are:

1.  After having a poorly little girl for a week she is all better and back to her cheeky, normal self!

Got her cheeky smile back again

2.  Now that the Easter holiday is over we have been able to get back into our routine and go to our usual groups, so far this week we have been to a toddler group, a music group and a ballet lesson.  Poppy doing ballet always puts a smile on my face!

Modelling her tutu

3.  Husband and I have been getting on really well lately.  We weren't not getting on before or anything, I think having a few weeks at home made him appreciate what I do everyday and made me remember how much I enjoy having him around!  We have been talking lots, laughing lots and just generally getting on.which has been really nice.

A few years ago in Las Vegas

4.   Its the weekend already.   Husband has to work until lunch time but then we have a day and a half of family time.  The weather is supposed to be good too so hopefully we will be able to get out and enjoy it, maybe the beach, the zoo or a coastal walk.

Poppy loves the penguins

 Why don't you think of a list of reasons why you are cheerful and hop along to join in the fun!

Karen x


  1. I love your reasons to be cheerful.

    When my husband is at home a lot, he nags me more rather than less and he still doesn't "get it".

    We're not getting on and he says the most insensitive things.

    So strange as we've been together 23 years... but me being a Mother seems to have changed everything.

    Liska x

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  3. Hi Liska,

    Sorry to hear you are not getting on too well. It can take time after you have a baby to settle into a new way of life. It took my Husband a while to work out that while things carried on pretty much the same for him everything for me had changed. He still went to work, had time to continue with hobbies and interests whereas I didn't get a break and always had to worry about the baby, their routine, what they are eating etc.

    You will get there. Just make sure you talk to each other honestly about how you are feeling, really listen to each other and try to get some time a date night.

    It gets easier when they are in bed by 7pm and you have your evenings to yourselves again. Maybe look at the little one's routine and see what you can do. It makes such a difference. On top of all that if continue shrinking you are going to feel great and a positive happy wife makes a happy husband!

    Keep smiling and blogging :-) x

  4. Hiya, Your URL was broken or incomplete in the R2Bc linky this week. I had to type in your URL to get here so that might have effected people visiting. Just double check it when you pop it on next time.

    I am loving your reasons. my girs woudl love to do ballet but I am being a ean mumy at the moment and we do nto have the money for the lessons and kit for 2 of them at age 3, so they are having to wait a bit.

    Fab news about getting on with hubbie, it makes the world of difference.

    Mich x