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Saturday, 14 May 2011

My Daughter the budding ballerina x

Poppy's new ballet shoes

Its Saturday morning again so another ballet lesson.  Poppy loves ballet and today she had new ballet shoes.  Her last ones were pink satin ones but this time she has little pink leather ones.  We get all of our ballet stuff from Dancing Daisy.  They are great.  Very reasonably priced, they get it out to you quickly and there is no problem with returning things if they are the wrong size or not suitable etc.

Anyway, today I decided to take my camera and get some pictures of her dancing.  They are not great as they were just taken on my iphone and she kept moving but you will get some idea of the standard she is at:

A bit small for the barre

Demonstrating her dancing

Twirling in front of the mirror

Pointing her toes

Giggling so much she fell over

Aaahhh.  Well she is only two and a half, even though she looks much older.

I did ballet as a child, I wasn't particularly good at it but I tried it, along with gymnastics and horse riding.  I wonder if she will be any good or what she will end up doing as hobbies and interests! For now I am happy to take her and watch her enjoy herself each week.

Karen x

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