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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Were going to the Zoo, Zoo, can come too!

Today we went to the Zoo.  It was such a lovely family day out and we took some lovely photos that I decided to share them with youl. I was going to wait until tomorrow and just leave the one up for Silent Sunday but me being me, I'm not very good at being silent so here I am tonight.

We are Zoo members, something I would definitely recommend to other families.  You join one but get to use most of them around the Country.  We live pretty close to one, so go all the time, even in the Winter. There are things to do for the whole family: look at the animals, play in the soft play area or various play parks, enjoy a meal in the restaurant or a picnic in the grounds, take a train ride (we haven't yet) and generally just enjoy the walk around the beautiful grounds and a family day out!  Our tickets have been used so often we have definitely got our moneys worth and we don't feel like we have to spend the whole day there either as we go so frequently.  Often we just go for a few hours at a time.

Anyway, is one I took.  It was a close call between this one and the one I used for My Silent Sunday picture.  I think he looks very old:

This is one of Poppy and Daddy in the Elephant house.

Now Poppy loves going to the Zoo and asks to go every weekend, however, she likes to rush around the animals really quickly and instead is happy to just run along the paths and pick up sticks.  Typical two year old:

Today there were lots of peacocks out and both girls were fascinated by them.  The male ones looked very important strolling around the grounds.  I loved the one I used as my Silent Sunday post which was a close up but think this one is lovely too:

As I mentioned before, we go pretty regularly but today we discovered an area we have not been to before.  The crocodile swamp.  Daddy was very excited about this and I must admit there was a very pretty walk before it too.  This photo makes me smile:

Next we saw some goats.  I think they might have been a bit hungry as they kept trying to eat the buggy board and my Mummy bag:

Before we went home, we promised Poppy she could play in the park.  She wanted to go on this slide but couldn't get up by herself as it was for older children.  Anyway Daddy went with her and they did it a few time.  She was ecstatic:

Oh hang on, nearly forgot to put some of me on here.  Here is me with the girls and the giraffes.  I love seeing the giraffes and the orangutans best:

Here is one of me with Rosie.  However, she is too busy looking at her Sister in the background.  She was climbing sandbanks:

So all in all a lovely sunny day, enjoyed by the whole family. I love days like this. Zoo passes definitely recommended!

Karen x


  1. Looks like such a lovely day out.

    We want to take Aaron to London Zoo but haven't got round to it yet xxx

  2. Poppy's very tall for 2, but then again Aaron's very tall for 11 months (and he's in 12-18 months clothes) xx

  3. She is very tall for her age, she looks about 4. Some of clothes that are 18-24 still fit but then 3-4 are not that big on her either! She is soo grown up too, sometimes I have to remind myself she is only 2!!

  4. Poppy's very tall for 2, but then again Aaron's very tall for 11 months (and he's in 12-18 months clothes) xx