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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Magic moments... in between winging

Daddy went back to work yesterday after having two whole weeks off which was  a bit of a shock to the system!  The girls miss him already and have been winging constantly, which has given me a huge headache and tested my patience to the limits.

However, there have been a few magic moments which I have managed to capture.

First there was when I caught Poppy singing "rock a bye baby" to her tomato seeds to make them grow more, it was too cute for words and I should have recorded it:

Singing to make her plants grow

There have been times when the girls have played together beautifully.  This is happening more and more frequently but it is only when Poppy feels like it!  If she doesn't she has a habit of pushing her little Sister over (I am working on this and the naughty cushion has been used!)

Playing in the playroom

Making a collage

Yesterday we also did quite a bit of cooking.  We did a vegetable chilli, pasta bake, rice pudding and jelly.  More food for the freezer and it keeps Poppy interested in food:

Cherry jelly

Poppy particularly liked the jelly, especially as I brought ice cream for the first time this week.  It is something she has had before but I have never brought for her to enjoy at home. She was very impressed with her jelly and ice cream last night and thought I was the best Mummy ever!

I love my girls but am not very tolerant of winging.  I am pleased that the Easter break is over and the groups we usually go to are back on. We probably just need to get back into our normal routine again.  Here's hoping the next few days get better and that we have more magical moments to record!

Karen x

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