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Monday, 16 May 2011

I was nearly a toyologist don't you know!!

Okay, so the wait is finally over.  Geoffrey and the team have finally made their selection and chosen their final ten to be Toys R Us Toyologists this year.  The ten  lucky people are:

  • Wendy McDonald
  • Sharron Blundell-Rice
  • Kate Pollard
  • Helen Jessup
  • Claire Kendrick-Anderson
  • Damian Johnson
  • James Spence
  • Kath Wrag
  • Sarah Lee
  • Jennie Nairn

Unfortunately we were not on this list. I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed because I am.  I mean how good would this badge have looked on my lovely pink page?

Anyway, never mind. I know it wasn't meant to be.  I gave it my best shot and I am very proud of myself for getting to the short-list stage. So well done and good luck to everyone. I will be looking out for all of your interesting and exciting reviews.

Karen x


  1. Sweetheart I am so sorry - I know the feeling only too well. I put my heart on the line and emailed pre shoes asking if I could be sponsored by them for Cybermummy - they got back to me today to say "no" - I was very gutted.
    Sorry again
    Liska x

  2. Aaah, it's so hard isn't it. I offered to review some beauty products and the company didn't even bother to get back to me...a bit rude I thought but also soul destroying!! We will get there in the end :-)x