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Friday, 6 May 2011

My Nana - 80 Today!

My Nana is 80 today so Happy Birthday Nana!

The family are having a little bit of a party for her this afternoon but unfortunately I can't make it as I live so far away. I really wanted to be there and do feel like I am missing out so I am dedicating a post to her instead!

This is a recent photo of her when she came to stay a few months ago:

Looking good at 79

This is a photo of the two of us together on that same day.  We had been for a long walk on the beach so are looking a bit windswept.

Having a little rest after a long walk 

I love having my Nana to stay.  She usually comes for a week at a time, sometimes two. We are currently planning her next trip! She loves the children and they love her.  She is great at helping out around the house too: when I was pregnant with Rosie she helped me go through all Poppy's old clothes, sort them, wash and iron them and hang them up so they looked like new!  An amazing women!

This is her with the girls, they love her and both were able to say Nana at 8 months old:

Nan with Poppy (1 year) and me

When Rosie was only a day old

During her visit earlier this year

My Nana has two daughters, four grandchildren (two boys/ two girls) and four great grand children (two boys/ two girls) with another on the way. It makes me smile when she sees a bit of someone in my girls and tells me stories.  Sometime's its "ooh your mum used to do that" or "she looks just like you did when you did that! She is currently writing her life story and I have read a bit of it.  Very interesting, can't wait to read more. I don'tactually have a picture of all the different generations together yet, but am thinking that would be pretty special so I am going to make it my mission to get one!

Unfortunately my Grandad passed away two years ago.  They were very much in love right till the end and as a couple were great role models for all of us grandchildren.  I know she misses him very much, we all do but he would have been very proud of how well she is doing without him! 

Here are a few of my favorite old photos, the first is them when they were younger and the second is them with my Sister and I when we were younger (she will kill me for putting this in hee hee)! The final one is of him with Poppy when she was a baby. It was during this visit that he told me he thought I was doing a great job of bringing her up and was very prod of me, I will always remember that!

I love my Nanas dress

Nana, Grandad, My Sister and Me

Grandad with Poppy (aged 8 months)

So why am I not at the party? Well, the Husband is working away at the moment so I would have had to go up on my own.  Direct, its a four hour journey but of course with children you need to add in the toilet stops and food breaks.  That would have made it five hours and I didn't feel ready to do this alone.  Travelling with two children is pretty difficult. Its a long time for them to be in the car and if Rosie was upset I would have been distracted!  On top of this what do I do with Rosie when Poppy needs a wee? It sounds a bit silly but the idea of a toilet stop terrified me?  So I made the decision I wouldn't make it this time.

Anyway, my Nana tells us she is going to live until 101 and she is pretty healthy for her age so I believe her!  I guess that means there will be plenty more parties to attend!

So wishing you a wonderful birthday Nana, I  really wish we could have been there but we will be at your next one.

Lots of love

Karen xx


  1. She looks amazing! And I love the older picture! :)

  2. Lovely post :) Happy Birthday to your Nana, hope she has had a fantastic day

  3. happy Birthday Nana - I love posts like this x

  4. What a beautiful post and beautiful family xx

  5. Thanks everyone, she had a lovely day and the party was a huge success!!

  6. What a beautiful post and beautiful family xx

  7. She looks amazing! And I love the older picture! :)