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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Daughter is ill and Mummy flashes!

Oh dear, poor Poppy is still poorly.  The only thing is, she is hungry too.  Tonight she asked for some pasta.  I made it for her but before I got a chance to give it to her she threw up everywhere, all over me, all over the kitchen...yuck!! I cleaned her up and stripped her clothes off but all she wanted to do was sit back at the table and eat her meal.

My top was covered in vomit, so I took it off and cleaned up.  The girls ate their Supper happily whilst I busied myself with cleaning up around them.  I cleaned up all the sick, rinsed out our clothes and then stood at the sink, looking out of the window, washing my hands and thinking I hope this is the last of it!

Now our house is on top of a hill so you can look out and see everyone, but they have to actually look up to see you.  Anyway, a passer by looked up and smiled at me, I smiled back and then realised I was only wearing my bra, I had taken my sick covered top off...whoops!!  At least it was a pretty new one! hee hee!!

Since then we have called the Doctor's and she has been seen.  She is very dehydrated and they want samples tomorrow to investigate further.  Her heart was beating very fast so they think as well as being dehydrated she is fighting of an infection, but we will have to wait and see.  I hope she feels better soon, it breaks my heart seeing my little girl so ill.

Karen x


  1. Arr hope she feels better soon :)

  2. Bless her. Aaron was like this 4 weeks ago and it terrified us. We nipped the dehydration in the bud with dioralyte. Do you have any?
    Liska xxx

  3. I did laugh about the bra xx

  4. We have been trying to get dioralyte into her but have only managed about 20mls. She doesn't like the taste. Trying to get an almost 3 year old to drink anything she don't want is difficult to say the least!!

  5. Wow you look amazing Karen the diet's really worked! xxx

  6. Hope she feels better soon hun. And I am always walking around semi naked or naked- have to remember I have neighbours sometimes!

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  8. Arr hope she feels better soon :)