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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Vegetarian and difficulties cooking meat

Being a vegetarian and not liking my children eating pre-packaged, ready to heat, convenience foods means they eat a lot of vegetarian food when the Husband is away. I do not claim to be a Delia Smith or Nigella Lawson in the making (I most definitely am not that good!) but I do use fresh products and cook our meals from scratch.  I enjoy doing this and find is much cheaper too.

Cooking meat for me is hard, I do not like the look or smell of it, I cannot touch raw meat and I cannot taste it to see if it is cooked.  I can just about manage to cook casseroles but the girls tire of them easily, so this is a product I do cheat with: Sainsburys cooked chicken slices.  They come in a variety of flavours including plain, sweet chili and tikka.  My girls love them.  I can heat them up and serve them with potatoes and vegetables or serve them cold with chopped tomatoes, cucumber and crusty bread.  They cost £2.59 each or you can often buy two packs for £4.00.

Here is a picture of what they had tonight.  Chicken, peas, carrots and cheesy mash potato and not a scrap was left on either of their plates.

When the Husband has time off we tend to have a big cook up of things like Sheppard's pies, casseroles, curries, meatballs, chicken in lemon & black pepper etc that we freeze.  Our stock is running low right now but after tomorrow he has 2 weeks off so we plan on doing lots of cooking!

Karen x

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