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Saturday, 16 April 2011

I want to get into my pretty dress!

I was very pleased with myself this morning!

I am not weighing myself during my mission to slim down and get fitter but I do have a dress that I want to get into and feel good.  It is a UK size 12 and I wore it a year after Poppy was born.  I was actually feeling quite slim and good about myself around this time. I would like to be able to look and feel good in it by the end of June, when Rosie will be a year old.  I thought if the weather was good, I might even wear it to CyberMummy.

A few weeks ago I could not get the zip to do up at all...not even a little bit!!  It would not budge. Today however, I managed to do it up all the way, yeehhh!!  Now, I am not claiming it looked good or that it was boobs might have been bursting out a bit and it could do with being a bit loser around the tummy and hips, but I did manage to do it up the whole way and it is only April.  If I keep this up I am sure I will be looking and feeling good in my pretty dress very soon!

Wish me luck!

I will keep posting regular updates of how it is going.

Karen x


  1. It sounds like you are doing great! trying on the dress will only spur you on and you are nearly at your goal. I am still waiting for my health kick to start, if the weather bucks it's ideas up I reckon I will change my mind. There is nothing like summer clothes to make me want to slim down a little, a tan wouldn't go amiss either! I look forward to seeing the dress at Cybermummy xx

  2. Thank you. Blogging about it is reall helping x