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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Gallery - My Blog

So this weeks gallery over at Sticky Fingers is about My Blog.  That doesn't sound too difficult does it... then I think about all the topics I ramble on about everyday.  How can I use one photo to capture what this blog is about?

I guess primarily it is about my family.  It started out almost as a bit of a diary, a way of recording my children growing up.  I  love the fact that my Husband is a hands on Daddy and does as much as he can when he is around.  I can't help but snap photos constantly and am loving writing down all the cute little things my girls say and do:

In this blog I cover everything about my girls from weaning to toilet training, from tantrums to cooking, from sleep to growing plants and vegetables.  Whatever effects us at a given time, I am planning to write down.  I am hoping it will be something special to look back on for my girls.

Recently I have been blogging about my diet and fitness mission.  I am desperately trying to transform myself from a rather tired looking Mummy into a much more yummy one.  I still have a way to go but am getting there slowly:

I am loving writing this blog and have found the support amazing.  The main thing I have have gained from it, is an understanding that the majority of us are muddling along doing the best we can, but no one seems to think they are perfect...very reassuring!  It has actually taken a bit of the pressure off.

To see more entries just click on the link!

Karen x


  1. Go you on your cross trainer! Lovely piccies x

  2. Its not the most flattering picture but you get the idea! :-)

  3. Wow, I thought I was in the wrong place. A makeover indeed. Sensational! xx

  4. Thank you. Not sure if I like it!! Does it make your eyes go a bit funny??

  5. Thank you. Not sure if I like it!! Does it make your eyes go a bit funny??