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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Exercise update and feeling good!!

HIP HOP ABS DVD - Last Minute Abs - Shaun TOkay it is now Day four of my Hip Hop Abs fitness programme and I am feeling great!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Today, I did the Fat Burning Cardio and Last Minute ABs DVDs.  Then later this evening I even managed half hour on the cross trainer.  I am feeling good.  I cannot believe I have this much energy as compared to less than three weeks ago. I am like a new woman. I am still not sure if it is the diet, the exercise or the re-energy boost vitamins I am taking, but whatever it is I am continuing with all three!  I am not noticeabley skinny yet but surely if I keep this up the weight will be dropping off soon!

Keep watching for more updates.

Karen x

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