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Monday, 11 April 2011

Family days and anniversarys

Sunday was our Wedding Anniversary and Husbands only day off work so we had a lovely family day all together.  We started the day off with a bit of a lie in.  Not sure how we managed it but we all got up at 8am!

Once we were all up and out the door.  We headed off to the local garden centre to get some new gas for the barbecue and some pretty plants and pots etc. Unfortunately everyone seemed to have the same idea and it was heaving so we decided to go and come back later.  

Next we headed off for lunch.  We were going to Torquay, so set off for the local Harvester.  We have not been before but we know they are child friendly and it was right next door to Living Coast,  our next stop!

Asked if we wanted to be seated next to the playzone we said yes.  After all it was only 11.3am so would not be too noisy and would be fun for Poppy.  It turned out to be great.  We were seated right next to a glass window so could see her at all times and she could see us but we didn't have to be right with her.  Fantastic.  She played with all the other children and generally had a great time.  It had a mini ball pit and a place for her to run round but wasn't so big that she could get stuck anywhere.  We had no tantrums when it was time for lunch, then we let her play again until it was time to go.  She came out without any problems.  I was very proud of her and a little relieved as it could have been a nightmare.

Next stop was Living Coast.  We call this the Water Zoo.  We have a yearly pass to Paignton Zoo and this is covered too.  So we can come as often as we want.  Basically it has some of the animals that live in the  sea like seals, penguins, puffins and a variety of birds and fish.  Its not very big but we all like it there and especially like to see the penguins.  You can get up very close and personal to them!

On the way home we did stop and pick up the gas and a few plants which meant we could have a barbecue.   As it was quite late, we didn't have time to plant the plants but poppy watered them for us with her little watering can:

Then it was time for Supper and relaxation.   I took this lovely picture of Poppy and her Dad admiring the view from our patio.

What a lovely day.  I do love my family and beautiful sunny days! 

Karen x


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day and what a stunning view. Happy Anniversary for yesterday x