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Friday, 29 April 2011

Our family and the Royal Wedding

A huge congratulations to the happy couple today.  What a magical day.  She looked every bit the Princess she is in her beautiful dress and William and Harry both looked gorgeous in all their finery.

Poppy did make me giggle though when she said "here comes the yellow Queen Mummy"!

Can you imagine having all those eyes on you when you are getting married and the funds to have whatever you wanted?  I especially loved the open top horse and carriages once they were married.  I expect that was amazing to see live in London.

Due to having a poorly little girl we did not have much planned for today.  We decided to watch the Wedding at home and I dressed the girls up in Princess dresses.  Poppy had been too poorly to make bunting and cakes as planned, so instead I made them a little flag each using their fairy wands and some special Wedding napkins I had brought from Sainsburys! They happily waved them along with the crowds.

Poppy 2 1/2 years
 Poppy thought she looked beautiful in her wedding dress just like Kate's.

Rosie 10 months
Rosie had great fun playing in her little ball pit and waving her flag whilst we watched the Royal Wedding.

Then Daddy made us all a lovely barbecue.  Poppy is still not eating much but we all had a lovely day.

Hope you all had a lovely day too and wish the couple lots of happiness for a great future together.

Karen x


  1. I watched the Royal Wedding, but whilst juggling Aaron as husband refused to look after him :-( xxx

  2. We watched it at a friends but had a very grumpy baby cause I think she is teething so had to have the TV turned up very loud!

  3. Its quite hard juggling children with anything you want to do or watch! We brought out the ball pool for the first time and this worked a treat!