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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Make up and teething

What a day!

It started with me struggling to open my eyes as Poppy bound into the room and jumped on the bed saying "Morning Mummy, my clock is yellow" (she has a Gro clock).  I think my Husband was feeling the same as both of us were refusing to get up or even open our eyes.  Poppy  then proceeded to jump around the room, on the bed and generally tried to stir us both but we kept saying " two more minutes please!.  Next thing I knew she was using my small blusher brush and ever so gently brushing it all over my face.  It felt nice and she told me she was doing my make up for me...."that's nice" I heard myself say.  Two minutes later I thought... MAKE UP???????  I looked down and sure enough my little pot of blusher was opened and all over my white sheet...whoops!  I then looked at her hand and she had my foundation with the lid off, thank goodness I opened my eyes before she had not got around to using that one!

The reason I was so tired this morning was because I had been up a lot in the night with Rosie.  She has been showing all the signs of teething but they have not made an appearance yet!  Her cheeks keep burning, she's had terrible nappies, she screams when she tries to eat or put anything in her mouth and is drooling like you can't believe! Today she has just wanted sleep or to curl up and be cuddled...poor little thing.  I really hope they come through soon.

Fingers crossed we all get a good nights sleep tonight.  We are off to see my family tomorrow and I can't wait !

Karen x


  1. Eek, good job you opened your eyes just in time!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  2. so funny she was putting make up on you! I've got one like that.

  3. My 3 yo does this but I'm not quick enough and she had foundation, mousse, lipstick, mascara and nail varnish.Thanks for the follow though Blow your blog horn blog hop.

  4. aww bless the little lady! Get some sleep while you can!

  5. My 2.5yr old son is also fascinated with make-up. I'm wondering if I should be worried...

    Now following via Blow Your Own Bloghorn :-)

  6. Love this site! Thanks for following. I am happy to be your newest follower!


  7. Nice post. Hope Rosie better. My daughter has some molars pushing through. Have to admit I dose her with calpol and/or calprofen when it looks bad. X