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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The Gallery - Green

This weeks Gallery topic is Green.  Now my camera needs charging so I have just quickly taken a few photos on my iphone.  They are not the best pictures but hopefully you get the idea.

The first two photos are the view from my patio.  This one is the view to the right where we overlook fields and trees.  It really is a beautiful rural view.  This is also the view form my kitchen window which makes cooking and washing up more fun.

The second overlooks the river.  This is also what we see from the living room and bedroom.  The scenery seems to change daily, depending on the weather, the tide and what boats are in.  It truly is beautiful and I never tire of it.  I wake up to this every morning feeling happy (well most mornings...unless I have been kept up all night by little monsters!)

Next I wanted to share with you, the fruit and vegetables poppy and I are growing.  We water them daily and she likes to sing and talk to them to help them grow!  They really like "rock a bye baby"!!

Our strawberry plants

Our lettuces

Peppers, sweetcorn and tomatoes
Look how big the sweetcorn is. They are going to be huge!!  I am loving sharing this experience with my little girl and am hoping we will be able to taste them very soon.

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Karen x


  1. You live in a beautiful place, lovely views! and I love your pots, Poppy must love it :-) x

  2. the view from your house is amazing! and the sweetcorn is huge!

  3. lovely and green,what a great place you live in and great views...

  4. It really is gorgeous here, we are very lucky!!

  5. What beautiful views you have :)

  6. I want to live in your house!!! It looks so beautiful. I'm now following your blog :)

  7. Thanks for commenting on my gallery post.
    I love your view,amazing!