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Friday, 29 April 2011

Wow - a Wedding fit for a Prince and Princess!

I cannot help but get carried away with all the hype around the Royal Wedding.  What a spectacular day they appear to have had.  They also look very happy and in love and the day seems to have gone without a hitch.

Wow, can you imagine having a wedding day and album like this?

First of all marrying into the Royal family and becoming a Princess:

Having not one, but two beautiful dresses designed especially for you:

Having a car, a carriage and a sports car to travel in:

Having this many people waiting for you to kiss and this type of entertainment just for your pleasure:

Having not one, but two magnificent cakes:

It really does look like they have had an amazing day and around the country millions have enjoyed sharing it with them.  I really do wish them every success for a happy and long lasting marriage.

Karen x


  1. What a fab visual summary LOVE IT xxx

  2. I am not going to get bored of looking at the photos of the wedding for some time. Thanks for putting up the second dress, I completely missed it yesterday! (how the hell?) and was filled in by my husband (he wasn't even watching it!). Just gorgeous, isn't she the most photogenic person? The cakes look out of this world, especially the chocolate one :-) x

  3. I love the second dress too and the chocolate cake mm mm yummy. Apparently it was a mcvities chocolate biscuit one!She is just gorgeous and very photogenic. Their actual Wedding Album will be amazing!