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Saturday, 16 April 2011

No more droopey ones

I looked in the mirror today and decided enough was enough,.  Fed up with having my boobs being lower than they should be, I decided it was time to get measured and get myself a new with underwire not a nursing one!!

So while I was in Marks and Spencers I bit the bullet and went and did it.  I discovered that I was wearing completley the wrong size.  I have gone down both a cup size and a size in the back...almost two!!  Looks like this diet is working or maybe its because Rosie is drinking less.  Anyway,what ever the reason I now have a lovely new bra which fits perfectly,  it is very comfortable and puts them back where they should be.  This has resulted my confidence having a boost as well as my breasts. I should also mention that the girl helping me was very friendly, made me feel at ease and was extrememley helpful.

So if you haven't done it for a while ladies, pop out and get yourselves measured and treat yourselves to some new underwear.  It feels good!!  I am sure I will be buying more very soon!

Karen x


  1. I need to do this so bad! Thank you for pushing me! :)

  2. I got 2 new underwired bras for going back to work and they are very flattering xxx