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Monday, 11 April 2011

This weeks fitness targets

I am very excited and  proud of myself because I managed to meet last weeks fitness target of an hour a day on the cross trainer.  Yehhhhhh well done me!!!

I might not have stuck 100% to my low carb diet but I did pretty well I think. I have decided that each week, I am going to have one day off where I eat what I want and don't worry.  If you haven't yet seen my picture for Silent Sunday, last weeks day was yesterday.  I went out for lunch and had a massive ice cream for pudding...yummy!!!!  Well I did manage 6 hours of exercise in the week and I did share a little bit of it with my Husband and girls, anyway I think I deserved it!

Now my knees have been playing up a bit this week, I may have overdone it or maybe i am just getting too old for so much exercise, but I am going to give my cross trainer a bit of a rest and do something a little bit different.

Three years ago, whilst living in Canada I brought this DVD fitness set called HIp Hop Abs.  It arrived, just as I discovered I was pregnant so it was never used.  Three years on and two babies later, I am ready to try it!  This week I have two Dvds to try: fat burning cardio and ab sculpt.  Monday through to Saturday I will be exercising, so Sunday will be my day off.  Apparently this programme was designed to burn the fat and sculpt abs that turn heads.  Mm mm lets wait and see.

Keep a look out for more details and progress reports and wish me luck!!

Karen x


  1. Well done on meeting your target, good luck with the DVDs, and thanks for your lovely comment x

  2. You are doing really well! I think once you hit a certain point you can keep going on (just never get to that point). I think once you start feeling better and when the sun is shining it makes you want to succeed more! x