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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Hectic day and rant about lifts!

Today has been one of those days when it feels as though the world is against you.

It started with me feeling pretty rough.  Having been feeling really good this week, I was dismayed to find that last night I appeared to be going down with another cold.  A dry, sore throat, and sneezes kept me awake and everytime I dropped off Rosie woke me up.  I think she was feeling pretty similar.  Between us, we got very little sleep which made me pretty grumpy and feel even worse.

Then due to me getting up late (husband took the girls down and sorted them out with breakfast whilst I fell back to sleep...whoops) I then had to rush around like a mad women to get us all ready as it was ballet this morning.  We were planning on going shopping straight after the class which meant we all had be up, dressed and out of the house in forty minutes.

Running late, we decided to take the short cut.  A drive down a steep hill where you have to tuck your wind mirrors in (I never take this route as do not trust my driving).  Anyway, almost at the bottom we got stuck behind a parked ford transit van, which was facing the wrong way up a one way street.  I got out of the car and kindly asked them to move as they were blocking my way.  They were going to be a while unloading their veichle so we reversed back up the hill.  As I said before this hill is steep and narrow and the pressure on the clutch was tremenduous, you could smell it burning.  Slowly Shane got us back on track and we finally turned up to ballet with only 20 minutes left of the class.

Next was the shopping trip itself.  Now people who do not have children hate those families with prams blocking the way, well its not much fun for those of us shopping with them either.  Where we live there are not many shops so we have to travel to go shopping, unfortunatley I did not realise as it is the day before Mothers Day everyone else would be out too.  It was manic.  Everyone decided to just stop in front of the pram so we nearly ran them over, or walk so slow we nearly rolled backwards.

Getting to the three levels was a nightmare too as the queue for the lifts was ridulous.  Now for some ranting!  Why not leave the lifts for people who need them?  ie old people, people with wheelchairs and of course people like us with prams and pushchairs...we have no choice to walk!!  Just being fat or lazy is not an excuse...get off your butt and walk!  Older children and teenagers should walk!!  No wonder this country has a problem with obseity! I had to wait for five lifts to go up two floors as each time it stopped there was no room for the was crowded full of people too lazy to walk!!

Anyway, we did at least get to spend some time together and the bits we wanted.  hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

Karen x

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  1. We spent the day on Oxford Street today and used quite a few lifts. Thankfully we'd get in once it arrived, but waiting for it was still annoying :-)