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Monday, 25 April 2011

Review of new innocent orange juice

I have been asked by the lovely people at innocent to test and review their new orange juice.  They already make the most amazing smoothies which are enjoyed by our whole family, so I was happy to oblige.

It comes attractively packaged in a 900ml carafe and costs £1.99.  They also had it on offer 2 for £3.  This makes it pretty similar in price to the other brands.  It seems to be flying off the shelves as there were only two left.  It comes as smooth, with juicy bits and they do a new apple juice too. There is a little sticker on the lid saying what kind it is, making it easy to ensure you buy the one you want and don't make a mistake. I tested the one with juicy bits, luckily for me this is the one I would have chosen anyway. 

The actual juice is a very smooth bright orange colour.  On one side it tells you that  they use 11 oranges to make one bottle of the juice, and that it is squeezed straight
from the fruit - no concentrating, freezing, watering or sweetening involved. 

We had a full house this weekend, so got it out for everyone to try.  It is not as thick and sweet as some of the other leading brands, it almost tasted watered down. I would not say this is bad thing though, as it gives it a light, smooth taste and actually makes it more refreshing on a sunny day.

There seemed to be mixed feelings about it in our group.  The overall consensus was that it is a light, refreshing drink, but for those who have a very sweet tooth, they would have liked it to be a little sweeter.  It was the women and children who seemed to enjoy it the most. I think it would be perfect for picnics in the park or a mixer with your favourite tipple, it would even be good as part of your bucks fizz for the Royal wedding.

We gave it five stars

Talking about the Wedding, innocent have set up a Royal Wedding competition to win street party packs! They include champagne, free juices, bunting, deckchairs, the lot! If the wedding day is as nice as today, then it will be a real treat.You can check out the site & enter here:, all you have to do is tell innocent why your street is the most worthy-est of winners, good luck!

Innocent kindly donated me three bottles to try. I am now looking forward to trying out the apple juice, so go on try it for yourselves and don't forget to enter the competition.

Karen x


  1. I bought a couple of bottles last week. I loved the orange (drank on a lovely picnic) and tried the apple today and wasn't so impressed. Always good on special offer!

  2. never seen it before, looks yummy

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    Life Below Zero

  3. never seen it before, looks yummy

    Following via Hop A Little Tuesday

    Life Below Zero