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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Today's exercise update

HIP HOP ABS Package - Fat Burning Cardio, Ab Sculpt, Total Body Burn, Secrets to Flat AbsIt is Day three of the Hip Hop Abs programme and I am feeling good.  My whole body, in particular my stomach area feels as though it has been working out.  Surely that must mean I am doing something right! It says in the literature I can lose up to three inches off my waist in 6 days.  Not sure I will lose that much but will let you know!

Today's DVD was called Ab Sculpt.  I have not used this one before but really enjoyed it and could feel it working.  The DVD's are a bit cheesy in that there are a group of fit looking men and women prancing about in not a lot.  The men show off their chests so you can see their abs working, but the thing I like is that it doesn't feel like other work outs.  It is fast in some places, slow in others, you are concentrating on the dance moves so you don't even realise you are exercising.  Very different to getting down on the floor doing crunches.  After this DVD I also did the five minute Last Minute Abs one and then was feeling so good, I did twenty minutes on the cross trainer.  Look at me go!

The diet is going well too.  I start each day with a protein shake mixed with milk and fresh fruit.  I then have a mid morning snack of fruit or nuts, a low carb lunch like an omelette, another snack and finally a low carb supper. Yesterday I had two giant mushrooms stuffed with tomatoes and halloumi  cheese and vegetables...delicious.  I am sure the weight will be falling off soon.

All in all I am feeling great!  I am eating well, sleeping well, exercising, taking my vitamins and have bucket loads of energy,.  When I look in the mirror I cannot believe I am the same person as I was three weeks ago.  I really was a tired and run down Mummy back then!  Now I think I am a much better Mummy.  I have more energy and am more patient too.  A good combination for having a two and a half year old and a nine month old!

Will be back tomoorw with another update :-)

Karen x


  1. Sounds amazing! Happy to have found your blog viua my appeal to get Stephy an ipad!

    Can you please donate asap?!!

    Thank you xxxxx

  2. Have done it :-) so glad you manaeged to raise the funds. She sounds like a wonderful lady